HAFEN is a 14-minute work on the concepts of perception, time and space. In the video two almost identical scenarios are superimposed upon one another and merged within a time frame of approximately a quarter of an hour. Through specific back lighting as well as the shift of perspective the material pretends to be a frozen lake of a wave immersed in dim weather conditions lightened by a seemingly too bright moon. Whereas in reality it is a hill covered in snow/ice which is on the brink of melting.


Throughout the duration of the film a very slow and almost imperceptible crossfade occurs. A slip from one almost identical image to the other. Here the viewer’s attention is being addressed. The lasting gaze in contrast to the fleeting glance and the accompanying mental map becomes a physical manifestation of the viewers differing perceptions of both scenarios.


The audience is never pushed to watch the whole video but rather fragments of the imperceptible change.




2013, HD-Video, 13min 53sec