2017, HD-Video, 01min 25sec


Circuit (2017) is the third video after Carusel (2016) and Drawdown (2017) which addresses the Romanian salt mine Salina Turda.


In a one-shot the video shows the silhouette of people rocking gondolas of the underground Ferris wheel. Trough the angle of the video the abstract notion of the scene is quite elusive at first glance. Additionally underscored with a dramatic Sound layer, the imminent tread fails to materialise.


Located in Turda, Transylvania 400 feet beneath the earth, Salina Turda is the worlds largest mine museum. Equipped with a carousel, ping-pong tables, a children's playground and a bowling alley, it is also a large recreational area due to the health benefits from the high salt percentage in the air.


After the mine closed down 1932, it was used as bomb shelter during the Second Word War and revitalized as a tourist attraction and recreational center in 1992. It was refurbished in 2008 and since then a constant change of management and a massive debt make the Salina Turda a controversial project.



Filmed and edited by Patrick Topitschnig


Music: Excerpts of Nouvelle Couleur - M2 & M3 (2005) by Patrick Topitschnig

Interprets: Jermy Frere (Violin), Josh Trönde (Double Bass)