„The breath is the greediest part of the body.“


In German and Austrian mythology the Raurackl or Wolpertinger is a chimera, which is described to have various appearances. Mostly they are portrayed as a mixture of a rabbit’s body, eagle wings, deer antlers and duck feet. According to the mythology the Raurackl can only be trapped by luring it with salt to the edge of the forest during full moon. Also it has to be done by a young, pretty girl besides a righteous and honest man.


Historically those creatures were invented by taxidermists to boost their income. Those mixed chimeras can be found in many different forms and various different cultures. In Australia it is named Bunyip by the Aborigines. The Bunyip is described a snake-like mixed creature with a bird‘s head. In the United States it is the Jackalope, a horned hare which drifts trough the wood.


Crib shows parts of stuffed animals, which are „dissected“ by the camera. The repertoire of forms includes nails, claws, hair, feathers, etc. of the animals. By the exchange between sharpness and blur the recipient apprehends only the fragmented „material“. However, they are not being represented as a whole. Only through the filmic montage they are brought together as one



2012, HD-Video, 06min 06sec