2019 - ongoing, Photography, Various Dimension (Selection of Series I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII)



The photo-series „EXT. NOC.“ shows nightly film sets from different feature film productions. „EXT. NOC.“ primarily examines the existing light and lighting situation.


„EXT. NOC.“ is less interested in the scenes themselves, but rather focuses on the surrounding environment - places apart from the actual cinematic plot; where lighting, and in some cases the lighting technology for partially very remote film scenes, can be seen. While the massive luminous bodies and their output sometimes only set a minimal accent on the recordings of the actual filmed scenes, they dominate the space behind or next to the film camera. They redefine the space in the otherwise pitch black night, or even completely define it anew. While on one hand the images trace the construction of reality in narrative film in a documentary and descriptive way, on the other hand they themselves are to the highest degree narrative and show spaces that themselves have much to communicate.


„EXT. NOC.“ is an incomplete series (a series in progress, currently) consisting of 35 photographs. The 80x120cm large prints are made on Fine Art Baryta, laminated on Alu-Dibond, box-framed behind Museum-glass.