„FELD“ (2019) was filmed over the Espacio Escultorico. The Land Art sculpture was conceived in 1979 by seven Mexican artists and consists of 64 concrete pyramids (wedges) which are arranged circularly in a 120m diameter around a 2000 year old volcanic rock.


The first part of „FELD“ scrutinizes a rocky surface imitating the human point of view with narrowed focus which keeps the spectator close to the surface. The actual dimensions and the actual materiality of the surface are left open for the own perception.


The gaze shifts as the camera moves slowly and steady upwards in a concentric gear-like flight. Although the setting unfolds - the uncertainty remains. A choral sound supports the ascending movement as well provides a dramatic notion. As by growing distance the seemingly not man-made place is revealed. By this continuously shifting of appearances, the tiny volcanic stone areas become strange uninhabited uncharted continents or the whole scenery could just be a miniature model.


„FELD“ plays with the perception of size and dimensions. The haptic close palpable feel of the first minutes switches into an distant unearthly view later.



2019, 4k-Video, 5min 21sec