The rumor macchina is a machine which converts acoustic signals into energy. Done in the style of a documentary, the „inventor“ of this machine is interviewed and accompanied during a conversion. He describes both his motivation and his vision for coming up with this ground-breaking achievement.


The inventor tells of his vision of a self-perpetuating, independent system, which is operated by audio input. His machine makes it possible to start electronic equipment via a human cry or shout and also to keep it running in the same way. On the other hand, if the output of noise emanating from the equipment itself reaches a high enough degree, then it could - once started - continue running solely on its own power. Thus the inventor basically dreamt of creating a perpetuum mobile.


The central moment is the loveable „nut“ who is of the utmost determination to give this gift to the world and make it a cleaner, more efficient and above all a better place.


In his opinion, the rumor macchina would also in a way be a solution to the problem of noise in big cities, as this would no longer be seen as pollution but as a necessary alternative energy source. Any discussion, any insult hurled, all the noise from engines and motors would thus be converted into usable energy. Shouting courses for efficient energy production and additional jobs with „shout energy producers“ would be created - you could boil an egg simply by shouting at it.

rumor macchina

2009, HD-Video, 02min 44sec