Aussen Nacht

2018, Video/Installation, 10min 30sec



"Aussen Nacht" is an installative form of  "EXT. NOC." and also deals with the construction of reality in narrative feature films. The sequences of the video show a lighting setup in deserted settings in a forest. To create an atmospheric surrounding the trees are illumined. The actual scene is shot in the small outer wing of a Viennese hospital quite far away (also shown in the video). The massive light of the light setup in the surrounding forest only acts as a minimal accent for the scene.


Also in the installation are leaves of branches which are set in motion by a 60-degree rotating fan. The shadow of the branches and leaves are  "projected" onto the wall lighted by both a slide projector and a spotlight. This method is used by light designers (gaffer) to emulate a windy night situation. It is implemented with tools commonly used on film sets such as a magic arm, clamp and microphone stand.